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2:05am 21st April 2021
Q4 20 most profitable in container shipping history, but 2021 will be better

Ocean carriers enjoyed their best quarter in container shipping history in the final three months of 2020, but are expected to have significantly topped that record in the first quarter of this year.A...

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4:16am 19th April 2021
Will my containers be Ever Given to me..!!! Update

This seems to be the new cry from the shippers on the Ever Given which is currently bobbing in the Great Bitter Lakes since it was freed from the bank...

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1:35am 14th April 2021
Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C. (NSAL) Latest Newsletter

Click here to read: Navigators Gazette - Apr-May 2021.pdf...

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3:59am 12th April 2021
Shipping lines agree T&T digital standards and call for 'widespread adoption'

Ocean freight customers can now gain access to a standards-based API, following the adoption of track and trace (T&T) standards.The Digital Contai...

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11:38pm 8th April 2021
Is the shipping industry ever going to normalize in 2021?

Despite the record low levels of equipment availability, space issues, low service reliability, and all-time high freight rates, North American demand...

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1:34am 8th April 2021
SDP 2021: A port’s best digital asset is its people

It is fitting that in the final session of PTI’s Smart Digital Ports of the Future 2021 Conference, the discussion was not about smart digital ports...

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4:30am 5th April 2021
Top three take-away lessons from the Suez Canal blockage

For a week the world was gripped by the extraordinary sight of a massive container ship that had run aground in the Suez Canal in Egypt. The Ever Give...

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2:32am 2nd April 2021
SDP 2021: Regulatory overhaul needed to ensure blockchain implementation

An overhaul of the regulatory framework and more collaboration is needed to increase the use of blockchain in the maritime sector and global supply ch...

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2:39am 31st March 2021
FPS Movement - the 1st Quarter of 2021 Newsletter is Out!!!

In the latest - 8th issue of "FPS Movement" read:The Q1 FPS member news.How Europe Cargo Makes Customer HappyMeticulously managed project cargo moveme...

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4:20am 29th March 2021
Suez Canal: Ever Given container ship shifted from shoreline

The stern of a huge container ship that has been wedged across the Suez Canal for almost a week has been freed from the shoreline, officials say.The c...

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