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11:37pm 23rd July 2020
Get ready for Incoterms 2020 and Brexit 2021

What are the 2020 Incoterms?ALL MODESSEA AND WATERWAYWhy incoterm 2020 be important for UK/EU Trade Post Brexit?DDP & EXWAlthough there are a number of incoterms used for trade with the Rest of th...

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12:48am 22nd July 2020
Biggest Container Shipping Companies in Last 4 Decades

Which Shipping Company You Belong or Want to Work For?How Container Shipping Companies Evolved in Last 4 Decades?Watch the video below: ...

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10:14pm 19th July 2020
LEO Global Logistics donates to the unprivileged in Thailand

LEO Global Logistics Public Company Limited, Thailand has been working on CSR activity consistently. Recently they packed survival bags to donate to t...

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2:17am 16th July 2020
FPS Questions & Answers: Steven Hughan, F.S Mackenzie Ltd.

FPS Questions & Answers interviewed Steven Hughan, Commercial Director of F.S Mackenzie Ltd.Would you say that Brexit has so far affected your bus...

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3:54am 3rd July 2020
How to Reduce Cargo Damage and Save on Shipping Costs

Shipping damage is a massive threat to any products that travel on the supply chain.As per a Statista survey, eighty per cent of consumers say they’...

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11:49pm 30th June 2020
Will the year 2020 be the beginning of the end for the paper bill of lading..??

Many things have changed in the last 30 years in shipping and freight..Many positive new developments have taken place with things from the vintage da...

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10:56pm 25th June 2020
Navigators Logistica Moves Cranes and Accessories

Liebherr cranes from Fremantle to DammamDubai: In a single shipment, the specialists’ team of Navigators Logistica LLC recently undertook the transp...

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3:46am 24th June 2020
7 Warehouse Technologies in 2020

Warehouse technology is an effective, sustainable, and cost-efficient solution to addressing the challenges of the warehouse. Especially now, when the...

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4:51am 19th June 2020

Dear members, you can see from the images displayed that you are capable of great things.And what we want to do is to show the membership and the logi...

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12:40am 17th June 2020
Famous Pacific Shipping Lanka: New Direct Service Colombo-Melbourne

Famous Pacific Shipping Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, founder member of FPS Worldwide group proud to announce launch of its new link with Australia which is now fu...

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