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10:21pm 20th January 2022
Shanghai Woes: Congestion Grows at World’s Biggest Port

Ships looking to avoid COVID-induced delays in China are making a beeline for Shanghai, causing growing congestion at the world’s biggest container port.Shipping firms are making the switch to avoid...

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10:43pm 18th January 2022
7 Ways to Update Your Supply Chain Strategy for 2022

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the logistical landscape forever. There have been significant channel shifts due to renewed consumer be...

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10:50pm 16th January 2022
Transportation Insight executives assess logistics and supply chain challenges in 2022

While the rush of holiday gifts appears to have made it to their final destinations to end 2021 through myriad delivery networks, amid some unique cha...

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1:32am 14th January 2022
Trends and innovations in logistics industry in 2021

Trends and innovations in logistics industry in 2021The onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic upended lives and livelihoods, and life as we knew it to...

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2:23am 11th January 2022
FPS Movement - the 4th Quarter of 2021 Newsletter is Out!!!

In the latest - 11th issue of "FPS Movement" read:The joint alliance between FPS group and Gateway IndonesiaPlease enjoy the read and remember - we wi...

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11:01pm 9th January 2022
Supply Chain and Ports Bend but Don’t Break During Holidays

As traditional brick-and-mortar and online retailers reported record holiday shopping numbers, experts say the nation’s transportation sector handle...

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10:54pm 6th January 2022
LA port pressures ocean carriers to remove empty containers faster

Escalating $100 penalty regime is latest proposal to reduce bottlenecksIn its latest congestion mitigation effort, the Port of Los Angeles announced T...

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10:50pm 4th January 2022
Ocean Cargo: Post-pandemic strategies take hold

Long “the sick man” of the transportation ecosystem, the container-shipping industry stands on the brink of a new era of sustainable profitability...

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12:49am 3rd January 2022
Shippers Plan New Strategies, Stopgap Measures to Ease Freight Pain

Small and midsize businesses are revising their supply-chain playbooks in a bid for relief from rising costs and a shipping capacity crunchBusinesses ...

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10:52pm 22nd December 2021
Container Imports Tumble at Los Angeles, Long Beach Ports

Last month’s surprise decline in inbound volumes seemed to reflect an increased number of smaller ships arriving at the ports, even as the line for ...

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