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9:56pm 13th June 2022
World Events Redistribute Supply Chains

Trade disruptions from China’s lockdowns and the war in Ukraine are seen doing for Southeast Asia what the U.S.’s spat with Beijing couldn’t meaningfully do — redistribute supply chains.“Muc...

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9:40pm 9th June 2022
Middle East ports top global efficiency rankings

New research into container port performance last year has thrown into relief recent efficiency gains achieved by Middle East ports, with four facilit...

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10:05pm 7th June 2022
Swamped U.S. Seaports Are Bracing for an Earlier Peak Shipping Season

Gateways stretched thin by record cargoes and congestion say this year’s crush will come weeks early, as importers try to ensure their goods arrive ...

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10:12pm 5th June 2022
Container players expect more chaotic peak season

Forwarders, traders and shippers expect the 2022 container peak season to be even more chaotic than 2021’s, according to a survey.The Container xCha...

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9:56pm 2nd June 2022
Spot Market Normalization Signals Uncertain Future

The spot market has been declining, but with rates and volumes still above historic norms it’s unclear where it will stabilize.“It started the yea...

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10:06pm 31st May 2022
Worker Shortages Snarl Shipping Even as Shanghai Lockdown Eases

China appears to be gradually easing its lockdown of Shanghai, but that won’t bring immediate relief to global supply chain congestion, according to...

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9:36pm 29th May 2022
Safety management among carriers yet to catch up with ship sizes, say insurers

Whether or not the increasing size of ships is reaching a point of diminishing returns, according to a new report by Allianz, which suggests the bigge...

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2:13am 27th May 2022
FPS Group announces their 23rd AGM 2022

FPS Group has announced their 23rd Annual General Meeting from Oct 9-12, 2022 to be held in Phuket, Thailand. Other information regarding the venue an...

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10:38pm 24th May 2022
Carriers continue to report big returns, but the horizon looks murky

As container spot rates continue to wane and close in on contract rates two more ocean carriers have reported record first quarter earnings.Taiwanese ...

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9:49pm 22nd May 2022
Tracking the digital transformation of the supply chain

Shipper demand, vendor innovation and advances in technology have worked together to get the vision of the digital supply chain over the finish line.O...

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