Pipe Dream Shipment?

2:47am 25th May 2020





FPS Group Network member Nauri Logistics Co., Ltd in Korea recently were awarded a shipment of 14,000 cbm. of pipes, which was requested by a German partner for shipment, from Pohang Port in Korea to the Umm Qasr port in Iraq.

It was planned to ship the goods in 2 shipments of 7,000cbm, the first in March and the second in April.

Nice size shipment, one would  say, but there were problems to overcome. 

Issue no 1 to address: The cargo was not general steel pipes, but PE coated pipes and care had to be taken to avoid damage during delivery to port, offloading at wharf and loading to vessel.

Issue no 2 to address:  It was impossible to store all pipes at the exporter's store yard due to the large amount of pipes, and insufficient space to store them, so the cargo was transported and stored at the port for 2 weeks before loading.

Issue no 3 to address:  Things turned complicated when the importer considered delaying or cancelling the shipment due to lock down in Iraq by Corona 19. The importer even thought of claiming G.A. This however would be unlikely as the cargo was not on the seas.

The pipes were already at the port and the first vessel was due at the Pohang Port a few days later..

Action was called for and all parties got together to brainstorm and find a solution.

Happily, the importer finally agreed to store all of the pipes at the Umm Qasr port after discharging until the COVID 19 restrictions were eased.

So we can report a happy ending. The good news is that the first vessel the M.V NEW  LEGEND RUBYsailed from Pohang Port without incident on the 7th of April and the second vessel, the M.V.DALIAN departed on the 6TH of  May...

All kudos to Nauri Logistics Co., Ltd in Korea for tackling the problem head on and getting the job done.

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