New Year's Message - Sam Aparo

12:55am 4th January 2021





It has been a year we could never have imagined. If anyone had said we would be facing a global pandemic with over 1.8 million deaths worldwide, they would have been locked up and the key thrown away.

2020 is defiantly a year we will never forget as it has changed the way we all think and live our lives and now facing a new norm. It has been an extremely difficult year as we faced the unknown with a deadly virus which placed most of the world into lock down. Facemasks and hand sanitiser has become an accessory we all carry while we all now accept social distancing.

Looking at the positives, we have come through this which has taught us resilience, compassion and empathy towards others. Family and friends have a greater meaning and we don’t take the little things in our lives for granted. With the support around us, we will all come out of this stronger. Although we know we cant turn on a switch and assume 2021 will be different, I have no doubt we are all glad the see the back of 2020. I for one am looking forward to having a flourishing and successful year ahead and welcome the new year with hope and warm wishes to everyone. 

Compassion & Empathy,
bring on 2021

Sam Aparo,
Chairman of Advisory Board

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