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10:44pm 19th December 2021




12:32am 15th December 2021
Ocean freight set to be ‘dominated by known unknowns’ in 2022

Making accurate predictions for the container shipping markets in 2022 “is a fool’s game”, wit...

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11:30pm 12th December 2021
Global shipping earnings forecast to retreat from peak

Shipping earnings will suffer a double-digit decline next year, following a record year in 2021, but...

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11:20pm 9th December 2021
Terminal ties ease congestion delays for lines

Container lines with ties to or equity stakes in terminals are facing far fewer delays on the US wes...

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10:40pm 7th December 2021
Container Rates to US From Asia Fall to Lowest Since July

Ocean freight rates on goods shipped to both U.S. coasts from Asia fell to the lowest levels since J...

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